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My College Life...

Mar 14, 2014

I am writing this with mixed emotions of sorrow , happiness and fear as I realize that, only few more days left in my college life. The 4 wonderful years of my life is going to end. Its hard to accept this fact. But its true! I am recalling those unforgettable days here….

I still remember the first day in my college, just like it happened yesterday. I remember the day , I met new friends, The days , we went out of classroom during lunch break, to escape from seniors. Graphics class sessions, Workshop, first college tour, Christmas Celebration…. everything..How the time has flown by so fast..

I dont remember much about second year of my college. Dont know why. I cant recollect memories except the onam celebration. That was the first time when I got the chance to wear ‘Mundu’ :D , Then Onasadhya , photo sessions …

Then comes third year. The most unforgettable and happiest moments in my college life happened during this time. Yes I am so excited when I remember third year life. There are multiple reasons for that. The first thing that strikes my mind is our IV (tour) ! I have already shared my experiences about those 12 unforgettable days in my life in this blog. That was not just a tour for me. I am so much attached to the memories of those days. After third year, I changed a lot. I learned to enjoy, I learned to smile, I learned lot of new things.

Then comes the final year! The best memory of 7th semester is Seminar Day. The day I’ve been fearing since the day I joined engineering :) But that day turned out to be one of the best moments in my college life. I will never forget the appreciation of my teachers and friends after my seminar session.

I am the kind of person who is afraid of breaking laws. So I tried to follow all the rules in college. Now its time to do something crazy. Because these days will never come back . I am trying to do all the things that I could never do again after this college life. I texted from my mobile during classtime, I bunked class. And the best thing, I slept in class for the first time. I have always seen students sleeping in class. But I never had the courage to do that. Now I am happy that I experienced that feeling too. But guys, remember.. Its addictive. So if you havent experienced it, never do this! :P

I suggest , you should experience all these atleast once in your college life. Its not the class room sessions that we are going to remember, but these crazy happy moments. This doesn’t mean that I am forcing everyone to break the laws. Do all these in the last week of your college life if you want to do. It will be fun.

This college played an important role in my life. SCT gave me a lot of things to remember. Both good and bad memories. Now I am going to miss all these days. I have never been so emotional of missing something this much. I feel like the best days in my life is coming to an end. I enjoyed the real college life here. I accept the fact that not everything is meant to stay in our life for ever. If I get another life on earth, I will come back to this college and do all those things I am leaving here now.

Now its time to say good bye… I will miss my friends, teachers, my class, exams, celebrations, each and everything …. I will be remembering all these precious moments till I stop breathing. Thankyou friends… Thankyou SCT !