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How to install MASM on Windows 8 / 7 (32/64bit)

Feb 14, 2014

Everyone in college is finding it difficult to setup MASM in their systems. It is essential to learn assembly language programming for microprocessors. Thought of writing this article to help them solve the issue. Since MASM is developed to work on old operating systems like Windows XP, You may not be able to install MASM in 64bit version of Windows 8 and Windows 7.You will need DOSBox emulator to run masm in these operating systems.

But dont worry ! I built a ready made package that you can install in one click and start MASM programming . Masm will be installed in c:\masm


NOTE : If you get any error like “ MSVCR100.dll is missing “ , you have to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable before installing MASM . Download Here

How to use ?

Save your programs (.asm files) in c:\masm folder .

You will see a shortcut named MASM on your desktop. Just open that.

By default , you will be logged in to the c:\masm folder . So no need to change the directory.

Now type masm filename.asm for assembling

then type link filename.asm for linking